May 28, 2024
keto customer service weight loss scam

Keto Customer Service number

(866) 456 9776 keto

This number will put you in touch with the KetoVie people, if that is who you are doing your ketogenic diet with.

Keto (800) 513-1965

This is the number to call if you want to contact the Keto-Mojo customer service department.

(800) 925-6278 keto customer service number

This is the Walmart customer service number, if you have questions on their keto products.

Keto (800) 440-0680

If you have questions or complaints about a keto product from Target, call this number.

(800) 774-2678 keto customer service number

If you want to know about Costco keto products, punch up this number.

Keto (844) 745-0463

If you’re way down South, this is the number for Winn Dixie about your keto purchases – y’all.

(877) 276-9637 keto customer service number

If you need information on a keto product sold at Albertsons, this is the number to call.


If you want to call the Aldi chain of food stores about their keto products, good luck. They don’t have a customer service phone number.

Keto scams

Keto scams need to be reported to your state Attorney-General’s Office. One of the biggest keto scams is still the Shark Tank.

Shark Tank Keto Pills Facts

In 2018, Illinois sisters Anna and Samantha Martin introduced Slim Fit 180, a keto medication that helps individuals lose weight, on Shark Tank.

Shark Tank invested $1 million for 25% of the company after being pleased.

shark sisters

This never happened, and neither Melissa McCarthy, Chrissy Teigen, nor Kevin Smith lost weight on keto tablets or drinks.

800mg of BHB, or Beta Hydroxybutyrate, in these pills has no impact.

These companies are currently under investigation by state Attorney General offices:

PureFit Keto Legend Holistic Bliss

Rapid Max Pure Keto Max Burn

Keto Supreme

Maxwell KetoRX


Keto UltraApex

The scammers’ photos were for a different product.

Megan Reilly and Sarah Nuse are sisters.

They proposed Tippi Toes, a jazz and hip-hop dancing school for females, on Shark Tank season 2, episode 201.

The Shark Tank website states that Mark Cuban gave the sisters $100,000 for 30% equity.

Scammers utilize Shark Tank photos to convince unsuspecting clients that their product was a keto hit.

Keto pills have never appeared on Shark Tank, and anyone who claims otherwise is selling a useless weight reduction product.

Current Keto Scam, call the number

25% of Americans think Shark Tank has a keto tablet, according to latest figures.

Worse, shady websites are ranking on Google’s top page and gaining praise from legitimate companies.

This sample reveals approximately 10,000 US searches for Shark Tank keto tablets per month.

Shark Tank keto medication Google searches have been strong for five years.

Amazon’s 6,200 monthly weight loss pill searches are also healthy.

Fortunately, just 18% of consumers click on these things and fewer buy them, meaning most don’t like them.

Keto pills do not burn fat, according to medical research.

Understand a ketogenic diet to understand why.

Ketogenic Diet:

Ketosis is promoted by a low-carb, high-fat diet.

Ketosis occurs after three to four days of carb restriction.

Keto Pills Work?

Keto tablets don’t work. Numerous exogenous keto pills, beverages, and powders claim to induce ketosis and weight loss. Without carb restriction, ketosis is impossible. Ketones do not release fat from fat cells and help you lose weight.

Ketones come from fat burning when you cut carbs. Unconvinced? Dr. Monica Chan on keto medications. “Beware of any supplements being pushed via email or pop-up ad. These points of contact are more likely to lead to a fraudulent product.”

Buy Keto Boosting Supplements? Keto supplements are useful. Keto supplements can benefit Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s patients. Ketones strengthen the immune system and cognitive performance, according to research. However, most keto tablets don’t supply exogenous ketones.

Small quantities of BHB do nothing. Shop with a trustworthy provider like Perfect Keto to raise your blood ketones. This weight loss product raises blood ketone levels, but not weight loss.

Perfect Keto review.

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Keto diet pills: the “perfect scam”? Despite numerous medical studies disproving keto diet medications, shady firms are still profiting.

For four main reasons:

  • Dieters are desperate.
  • The Shark Tank effect exists.
  • Social media isn’t monitored.
  • Scam websites remain in Google’s top 10.

Dieters are desperate, call the number

For things like bulgogi. Keto scammers make millions because individuals are desperate to reduce weight and get healthier. And they have money to burn. Look at how many keto dieters order keto cake delivery online. Many seek the quick fix, even though the only way to reduce weight is to follow a sustainable, balanced diet without processed foods.

They buy these medications to lose weight while eating their favorite junk food. Discussing the ketogenic diet with friends and family might help them avoid being exploited. Send resources and warn them about the Shark Tank hoax. By raising awareness, we’re educating more people and preventing scammers from profiting.

Shark Tank Effect Exists

The Shark Tank effect boosts sales for companies that appear on the show without an offer. Losers still win. Humble Rise has Shark Tank statistics. Even if a company was never on Shark Tank, unethical marketers might create credibility and sell more things by claiming they were.

Keto fraudsters exploit this. They’ll produce articles and advertising. Stating how Shark Tank judges gave their product millions and copy and paste a false photo to make it seem real. Non-researchers will buy their stuff.

Social Media Unchecked

Influencers pushing keto frauds outnumber detractors. When someone anxious to lose weight finds a miraculous medication, they are likely to dismiss the few critics. They trust the many fans being paid to promote falsehoods.

We can stop this and help others reduce weight by raising awareness. Do not overlook social media posts about losing weight with a medication. Link to credible studies and comment that this is impossible. If someone you know starts selling keto tablets, tell them they’re exploiting others’ desperation.

keto pills

Google’s Top 10 Searches Have Scam Websites.

I have discovered that several scam websites score in the top 10 Google search results for “Shark Tank keto pills,” giving the impression of credibility.

People Googling weight reduction pills will find websites on the first page of Google and assume they’re legit.

Shark Tank Weight Loss Supplements: Conclusion

Can you take a keto medication, consume junk food, and lose weight?


Keto scammers target weight-loss newbies.

So they’ll say their pill appeared on Shark Tank and utilize photographs of genuine contestants to make their magic pill more convincing.

People still fall for this fat burner scam because they want to lose weight, the Shark Tank effect gives it legitimacy, social media is lax, and Google still ranks fraud websites in the top 10.