April 19, 2024

Probably not

At 57 percent starch, plantains are not on the top ten list of foods to eat when on a keto diet. The plantain is a relative to the banana and is a staple throughout South America and Africa.

It is very inexpensive and filling but cannot be considered keto-friendly. Those on a keto diet or suffering from diabetes and following a ketogenic diet should not eat plantains. Plantains are frequently misunderstood; they resemble potatoes more than bananas, and some people might even mistake a plantain for a vegetable. Plantains are technically fruits, but the majority of nations who consume them use them as veggies, and we all know that vegetables are keto-friendly, so this is complicated. One medium-sized (179g) plate of plantains, a variety of bananas, contains 57 grams of carbs in the form of starch.

Like bananas, plantains should not be included in a ketogenic diet because of their high carbohydrate content in relation to their serving size. Plantains, which are grown predominantly in India, Africa, Egypt, and tropical America, are an important food source in countries other than the United States.

Plantains, on the other hand, might seem like an unusual food to you if you don’t come from one of these regions or haven’t traveled to any of them at some point in your life.

You might have seen plantains in the produce section of your neighborhood grocery store, but in contrast to bananas, plantains do not have quite the same level of sweetness. 

A plantain is a type of banana that has a higher starch content and virtually has the same texture as a potato. 

Plantains, like bananas and potatoes, are mostly composed of carbohydrates, which means that consuming them while adhering to a conventional ketogenic diet is not the best option. 

We will repeat this mantra again and again for the benefit of readers who don’t pay attention because they are busy multitasking – watching NCIS on Netflix and crocheting booties while scanning this article. You know who you are. 

Why are you so dead-set on eating plantains, anyway?

Despite this, athletes or other individuals who might be following a cyclical ketogenic diet (CKD) can find that eating plantains during the strategic carb load that they adopt every so often is beneficial.

Are There Any Types of Plantains That Are Keto-Friendly?

Are plantains with a green tinge keto-friendly?

Because of their high starch and carbohydrate content, green plantains are not suitable for a ketogenic diet. However, let’s go into more detail about this in the following section because this might leave some people perplexed.

Are fried plantains allowed on the keto diet?

Even if they have a higher fat content, fried plantains still have a high carbohydrate content and are, therefore, not keto-friendly.

Are ripe plantains safe to eat while on the ketogenic diet?

Plantains that are quite ripe typically have a flavor that is quite a little more pleasant than those that are still green (raw). The sweetness of plantains comes from their high sugar content, which increases as the fruit ripens in a manner analogous to that of bananas.

Unfortunately, sweet plantains cannot be consumed while following a ketogenic diet.

Are yellow plantains compatible with the keto diet?

Although yellow plantains are riper than their green counterparts, they must still be cooked in order to be consumed. Yellow plantains, in contrast to their green counterparts, have a greater ratio of sugar to starch and are, therefore, not suitable for the ketogenic diet. 

Are black plantains safe to eat while on the ketogenic diet?

The only type of plantain that may be eaten raw or uncooked is the black plantain, which has ripened to an exceedingly mature stage and is the only type that can be consumed. On the other hand, just like the other types of plantains, black plantains do not fit into the keto diet.

Just a doggone minute

How many times, in how many ways, must you be told that plantains and bananas and all those other starch fruits and veggies are not suitable for a sustained keto diet?

This is getting to be like kindergarten, where you have to repeat everything a dozen times before the little nippers get the point – ‘don’t stick sharpened crayons in your ear!’

Do you want something that tastes like a plantain for your keto meal?

Try a hamburger fried in plantain oil. Plantain oil is slightly astringent, so your burger will have a slightly sour taste. To counter that, use a dash of white vinegar to smooth out the flavor. Warmed white vinegar actually releases ketones that trick the taste buds into thinking it’s tasting something sweet. The oil is also full of aucubin and tannins, which allows it to soak into your burger and soften gristle – so you’re not chewing the same bite for ten minutes, like a cow with its cud.

And take that crayon out of your ear.