May 29, 2024

The Austin, Texas-based Perfect Keto business, which specializes in health supplements and the ketogenic diet, makes Perfect Keto collagen a powdered supplement.

What exactly are peptides derived from collagen? The collagen has been broken down to create peptides, which are essentially collagen in tiny fragments. Let’s begin by defining collagen peptides. Then, we’ll discuss why it’s a good idea to take them. Collagen is the most prevalent type of protein in the body, and it is essential for a variety of functions. It is composed of amino acids, the fundamental building blocks of protein (like glycine and proline). In turn, these amino acids compose its structure.

Collagen is essential for the healthy functioning of your connective tissue, skin, stomach, joints, bones, and muscles. In a person’s early to mid-20s, collagen production begins to decline, and it continues to decline as they age. By the time you reach your 50s or experience menopause, your body will have lost approximately 30% of its collagen. Collagen peptide supplements provide several benefits. Among the benefits: boosting lean muscle mass, brightening the skin, decreasing wrinkles, hydrating the skin, and enhancing its pliability. Other advantages include the alleviation of joint pain and digestion issues, joint pain relief, and improved bone health.

Is There a Keto-Friendly Form of Collagen?

Because collagen is a type of protein, eating an excessive amount of it will have the same effect as eating an excessive amount of any other type of protein. It will switch your body from a state in which it is burning fat to one in which it is burning glucose. However, collagen offers numerous benefits that are useful for people who follow the ketogenic diet. One of these benefits is the large number of amino acids that collagen contains, which are frequently absent from modern diets. Collagen peptides are suitable for consumption on the ketogenic diet. However, this is only the case if they do not include any added sugar. Also, if you consume the required amount of collagen, which is between 5 and 15 grams per day.

Remember that not all collagen supplements are created equal, so choose yours carefully.

Before you buy a collagen peptide supplement, you should do some research and look for items like the following:

  • Only Grass-fed
  • Pasture-raised
  • Organic or non-genetically modified organisms
  • Harvested from the wild or grown in brackish water
  • No added sugar
  • Absolutely no additives or fillers

Perfect Keto Collagen meets all the above standards and so can be considered a keto-friendly supplement for your diet.

Is It Possible for Collagen to Interrupt Ketosis?

The quantity of protein that is typically contained within a single serving of collagen peptides is not sufficient to bring someone out of ketosis.

If you want to make sure that you stay in ketosis, adding some healthy fats to your collagen drink, such as grass-fed butter, ghee butter, or coconut oil, is a good way to do so.

If you want to add some healthy fats to your coffee or smoothie, try blending in some avocado, coconut oil, ghee butter, MCT oil, or nuts together with a collagen supplement such as Wholly Dose collagen powders.

And no, eating collagen won’t make you gain weight.

There is nothing else in a collagen supplement besides the fact that it will help you build muscle. Collagen won’t make your muscles grow so fast that you gain 20 pounds of muscle. Also, there is nothing in a collagen supplement that will make you gain weight. Collagen is, in fact, a very useful tool that can help you keep a healthy weight.

The protein collagen makes you feel more full.

When we don’t feel satisfied after eating, it’s easy to consume more calories than we need to.

Fats and proteins are the macronutrients that help us feel full. Despite the fact that most of the time, we try to increase the number of refined carbohydrates we consume.

Taking collagen protein supplements may help you feel fuller for a longer period of time. Which in turn may help you consume fewer calories than you would have otherwise needed. In addition to this, they may be able to help decrease appetite hormones such as ghrelin. Collagen protein powder, collagen gelatin, and collagen supplements have even been proven to be more satisfying than other types of protein powders. That includes soy, casein, and whey, according to some research.

Be aware: bovine collagen powder may contain GMOs and synthetic hormones. And the cows are frequently confined inhumanely rather than being fed grass or grown on pasture. Additionally, they could include unhealthy sugars and flavors that are artificial.

There is a presence of so many binders and fillers around the collagen peptides in these animal supplements. The binders and fillers can also make it challenging for your body to digest the collagen. Marine collagen, on the other hand, is formed of smaller amino acids that are more readily absorbed by humans. The collagen is obtained from the scales of deep-sea fish.