June 21, 2024

Keto friendly

When it comes down to it, you can label anything’ keto-friendly.’ Fruits. Vegetables. Grains. Cardboard. Here’s the point – if you crave something and absolutely have to have some to keep from going insane on your keto diet, then you’ll find a way to get it. So it is with keto-friendly bread. Purists scoff at the thought of any grain product being acceptable on a keto diet. But these are the same people that burned witches at the stake during the 16th century.

So let’s say you decided to hunt down some keto-friendly bread. Heed these reviews and results.

Here is one review from the ketology website:

I am a major fan of Costco, and one of the reasons I love shopping there is that they have many of my go-to essentials for the ketogenic diet, which allows me to keep my kitchen stocked with keto-friendly items. For some time now, “keto” labeled products have been appearing on store shelves, and one in particular, keto bread, has caught my interest. Franz or Galasso may be the bakers behind the Keto Bread sold at your local Costco, depending on where you call home.

Because the Galasso brand was only recently made available at the Costco location where I shop in California, I decided to try it by purchasing some of it.

Now, I won’t get too far into the science of whether or not this bread is keto and, more importantly, whether or not it’s a healthy alternative. Because there is only 1 gram of carbs in each slice, it is possible to eat it while on a ketogenic diet.

Thomas DeLauer, who explains the science behind ketosis and many foods we eat very well on his YouTube page, talked about it. So, you should look at it to find out why you might not want to eat the Franz keto bread or the Galasso keto bread.

Because I love avocado toast, cream cheese, and salmon on toast, those were the prime recipes to test out with keto bread from Costco. But despite a smooth avocado or a schmear of cream cheese, the Costco bread develops a dry library paste taste that is hard to cover up. The bread toasts well and “feels” like regular bread. It also stays together well.

Big mistake

Then I made the mistake of trying to make a breakfast sandwich by cooking the eggs in a skillet with the Galasso keto bread, which is a great way to make something that tastes like french toast. I thought that if I did it this way, the egg would soak into the bread and make it a little less chalky.

The bad texture was still there, which was a shame. We still use the Costco bread sometimes because it comes in packs of two, but will I buy it again? Most likely not. I like making my own keto bread at home the most because it tastes great and is made with healthy ingredients.

On the other hand

A review of a half dozen other websites that claim to have the secret to artisan keto bread all knock store-bought, store-baked, keto bread. Although apparently, the Aldi chain of grocery stores has a keto bread that even some dyed-in-the-wool ketogenic folk grudgingly approve. Aldi is a German-based grocery chain famous for solving the wandering shopping cart problem by charging a quarter to get a cart, which you can’t get back unless you put the cart back in the right slot. (People really are cheap, aren’t they?)

It’s full of additives! That’s the accusation against any keto bread you may find in a plastic bread bag. (Have you noticed that any bread put in a brown paper wrapper is automatically labeled ‘artisan?’ It could be Wonder Bread for all we know!)

What artisan keto bread attempts to do is to be bread without any flour. So they put in a lot of cottage cheese, ricotta cheese, nuts, psyllium husks, and organic oils, and then hope for the best when they put it in pans and bake it.

Is keto-friendly bread made with sourdough?

No, that is not the case. Because it is created using a sourdough starter, traditional sourdough cannot be eaten on a ketogenic diet. A leavening agent known as a sourdough starter, usually made from fermented flour and water, a sourdough starter is used in making sourdough bread.

In recent years, more kinds of gluten-free flour have been utilized to manufacture sourdough starters; nevertheless, each of these gluten-free flours is heavy in carbohydrates. 

If you’re bound and determined to make your own artisan keto bread, beware of cellulose powder. This product is highly recommended by many health food stores for keto diets. But it is actually nothing but expensive sawdust. The kind you find at a sawmill. Nobody should be keto-desperate enough to become a termite.