July 14, 2024

Montreal, Quebec(Hexa PR Wire–October 16, 2023)Mindful Career Inc., a company specializing in holistic career counseling based on behavioral profiling techniques, has announced its expansion across Canada. Originally founded in Montreal five years ago, the company has opened new offices in Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver.

In its five-year trajectory, Mindful Career Inc. has garnered attention for melding behavioral profiling with mindfulness practices in career counseling. This distinct approach has found mention in several media outlets, including CTV News, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Harvard Business Review.

On this expansion initiative, the company’s founder, Miriam Groom, commented, “Progressing from a standalone Montreal office to establishing presence in major Canadian urban centers is a testament to our methodology’s resonance and our intent to assist a larger Canadian demographic.”

About Mindful Career Inc.

Mindful Career Inc. leverages behavioral profiling strategies, enriched by global corporate talent management techniques and complemented by mindfulness. This proprietary model is designed to navigate individuals through their inherent strengths, aiming to direct them towards their genuine professional aspirations. Additional details can be accessed at MindfulCareer.

About The Founder, Miriam Groom

Miriam Groom, M.A. Psych., B.Com., R.N.T. stands at the forefront of MindfulCareer. Her belief pivots around the notion that every individual has an intrinsic purpose and potential. With an extensive association with Fortune 500 conglomerates and having spearheaded a national Recruitment Firm, Groom has in-depth exposure to behavioral profiling, career trajectory designs, and talent scouting. Her philosophy transcends mere job placements—it aims to harmonize an individual’s career with their overarching life objectives.

Broadening Horizons for Canadian Professionals

This growth signifies Mindful Career Inc.’s commitment to disseminating its specialized, holistic methodologies to a broader segment of the Canadian workforce. Recognizing the unique professional climates of each city, the organization is prepared to cater to the variegated requirements of Canadians in these metropolitan hubs.

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Contact Information

Miriam Groom, email: info@mindfulcareer.ca
Mindful Career Inc, number: 438-795-0558

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