July 14, 2024

Miami, Florida(Hexa PR Wire–November 25, 2024)Language Lord has unveiled a special Black Friday deal for its newly introduced Merwan Method course, a language learning program developed by Merwan Benamore. This limited-time offer includes a 30% discount on the course, available to customers using the promo code TUN until December 1st.

Details of the Black Friday Offer

In celebration of Black Friday, Language Lord is offering a significant discount on the Merwan Method. This promotional deal is part of Language Lord’s initiative to make language learning more accessible and efficient. Interested individuals can take advantage of this offer by visiting the Language Lord website and entering the promo code TUN at checkout.

The Merwan Method Course

The Merwan Method diverges from conventional language learning techniques by focusing on the natural patterns and conversational aspects of languages. Designed for those who have struggled with traditional learning platforms, this method simplifies language acquisition, emphasizing practical communication skills.

Background of Creator Merwan Benamore

Merwan Benamor Funder of Language Lord
Merwan Benamor Funder of Language Lord

The course is based on the personal language learning experiences of Merwan Benamore, who has gained proficiency in 26 languages. His approach, developed out of a passion for travel and cross-cultural communication, offers a unique perspective on language learning, especially for those who have previously felt challenged by traditional methods.

Contact Information

Merwan Benamor, Instagram: @merewana
Merwan Benamor, TikTok: @merewana

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