July 14, 2024

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Digbee founder and CEO Jamie Strauss and Black Rock Mining MD John de Vries discuss the significance of the second Digbee assessment for Black Rock Mining, highlighting its utility in identifying areas of strength and opportunity from the first report, and its role as a communication tool for engaging with stakeholders such as debt financiers, internal investors, and regulators.

De Vries told Proactive the assessment’s independent view is increasingly valued by these groups for providing context about Black Rock’s position relative to other projects.

Looking ahead, he said Black Rock aims to measure and understand the impact of its development activities, especially with a final investment decision approaching. This involves assessing the socioeconomic effects of investing significant amounts in remote African locations to ensure positive outcomes and avoid potential pitfalls like wealth traps.

Strauss elaborated on the evolving landscape of sustainability in mining, emphasizing the importance of transparency and continuous improvement for companies like Black Rock Mining. The influx of new funding sources, including government and private equity, along with heightened demands from consumers for traceability and risk mitigation, creates a dynamic environment. Successful companies will be those that meet the diverse requirements of financiers and consumers, thereby reducing capital costs and contributing to a sustainable economy.

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